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Dầu cắt gọt US Lube Solube Cutting (US LUBE SOLUBE CUTTING OIL)

Mô tả ngắn về sản phẩm

Loại sản phẩm : Dầu cắt gọt 

Hãng sản xuất : US Lube 

Dung tích (lít) : 18, 200

Thông tin sản phẩm

US LUBE Soluble Cutting Oil is a water-soluble metalworking fluid formulated with fragrance that forms a very stable emulsion when mixed with water at a wide range of dilutions. The stability of this emulsion is not affected by hard water ions and the fact that it does not foam makes it ideal for high-speed metal working operations. The high heat absorbing characteristics of US LUBE Soluble Cutting Oil provides superior cooling for a variety of metalworking processes.
US LUBE Soluble Cutting Oil is fortified with biocides to prevent rancidity caused by bacteria, which can lead to unpleasant odors, split emulsions and reduced product performance. This feature results in greater worker satisfaction and optimum product performance. US LUBE Soluble Cutting Oil also provides excellent protection against rust.
US LUBE Soluble Cutting Oil is recommended for light to moderate duty machining operations on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals except magnesium. It will find use in machining, sawing, drilling, milling and turning. It is ideal for grinding due to its superior wetting and cooling properties. Typical dilution ratios with water range from 1:10 for milling and turning to 1:40 for grinding

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